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At Budget Landscaping we start our flagstone jobs out from the beginning establishing a solid foundation to make sure your patio is built to last. We first remove the previous sidewalk or anything that is currently existing. By not doing this it could cause shifting which could crack the flagstone. Once we design the layout, we then run any conduit for any lighting or irrigation as well as other electrical. It is important to to make sure that we include any drainage during the design phase for any water features as well as water run off form rain.  The look of your flagstone patio is very important therefore we meet you at the installation location to match the flagstone with the colors of the property exterior. Once we have accomplished everything above it is time to start the installation by framing up the flagstone area and digging out the space for the foundation prior to pouring the cement for the foundation. We then install any features that need to be installed prior to the laying of the flagstone. Once finished with the feature installation, we then lay the flagstone around any existing or new features keeping the entire project at a slight tilt to avoid any sitting water. Completing the installation of flagstone and all the features, we then clean the flagstone with light erratic acid followed by sealing the flagstone with a matt finish sealant to protect the flagstone.


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